Blog #12

Blog #12

One of the more noteworthy lines I found early on in the reading is when Beck states, “A life story doesn’t just say what happened, it says why it was important, what it means for who the person is, for who they’ll become, and for what happens next.” This quote stood out to me because normally if I hear someone telling me a story, I’ll sit back and listen, but there’s much more critical thinking to that which Beck points out. It takes a level of analysis to be able to interpret how that point in their life has shaped who they are today and what it could lead to down the road. Another quote that connected me was “People take the stories that surround them … then identify with them and borrow them while fashioning their own self-conceptions.” This made me think of times recently where I’ve had to write a paper based off of a text or multiple texts and incorporate a piece of my own life to agree or argue the author’s main points. For example, I disagreed with Ma and Lehrer when I was arguing against art by using examples from my field of study in medicine. This was an example of a self-to-text or even a world-to-text. The last quote that stood out to me was when she writes, “Studies have shown that finding a positive meaning in negative events is linked to a more complex sense of self and greater life satisfaction.” This was interesting to me because I was always raised by being taught to make light of the dark times, but a never actually thought of performing these techniques on a neurological level. The more we make the best of these difficult times, the more we’re training our mind to follow our rules of making the best, therefore we can live a more fulfilled life in that sense.


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  1. It is interesting that you can easily draw these connections to own life. I also feel that maybe just sitting back and listening is a good start that would naturally lead to you think about what you are being told.

  2. Interesting points. I noticed that several of the quotes you selected to work with deal with how stories help us along our journey. This is particularly interesting when I ponder the general arc of your paper in progress.

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