About Me

About Me

I like to think of myself as a unique person. I spend the majority of my days either studying, running, eating, or occasionally taking a brief nap. My nights are almost all sleep which I’m not a fan of because I’m spending 1/3 of my life not being active.

I’ve been running since I was in 8th grade and consistently running almost everyday since June of 2016. This year of 2019, I challenged myself to run at least 40 miles per week all of this year unless I’m taking a hands off period or I get injured (let’s hope for the best). My favorite places to run are the Frazier Trails in my hometown Gorham, Maine and along the beautiful roads of Hills Beach right by the University of New England.

As of now, I’m a freshman at the University of New England majoring in Medical Biology which hopes of someday becoming a Physician. I have not yet cleared out my path on the exact branch I’m looking for but my top interests as of now are making a career as a Radiologist, Physical therapist, Pharmacist, or possibly a Anesthesiologist (if I do plan to stay in school for the next 14 years of my life)

Currently, I’m working as an expediter and host at Southern Maine Health Care to ensure all patients get what they need for food to lighten their days during they’re difficult times being in the hospital. I’ve worked there for nearly 3 months and I truly enjoy the position and hope someday I can get an internship to build up hours when I’m applying to Medical School.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Bio and I hope you enjoy my blog posts!