Blog #15

Blog #15

I chose to read Chapter 6 in They Say / I Say called “Skeptics May Object” which is about planting fa Naysayer in your text. The chapter talks about how many writers may think that including a counterargument may hurt their overarching argument, but in reality, it actually strengthens your claims. “If you don’t entertain counterarguments, you may very likely come across as close-minded, as if you think your beliefs are beyond dispute.” This to me sounds like if you don’t have a naysayer, than your paper may seem bias in favor of your argument rather than including other sides to reason with or counteract.

The reason I chose to read this chapter was because I didn’t know fully how to incorporate a naysayer into my paper, but it appears as though its more simple than I thought. Apparently, I already had one when I argued against Galen Strawson’s claims against narrative by stating why they were important and should be used in the real world. My next step in revision is to try to include another naysayer in my introduction to say why some people may be opposed to the thought of having their own narrative. The only issue with this is that I’ve already exceeded my word count by nearly 200 words so I’ll have to figure out what I need to cut down on in order to incorporate another possible naysayer in my paper.

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