Multimodal Statment

Multimodal Statment

My plan for writing my multimodal essay was to compare the power of narrative to a long run. I’m considering writing something like “A narrative must be treated like a long run … you must take it slow for every step of the way counts”. My thought was to incorporate pictures that I’ve taken before of the places that I’ve run in and use those as different elements of a story. You must provide background (hence the warmup of a run) to get your story set in a good place. Then you need to come up with the heart of your story (the long run) which is the majority of the time spent on the narrative. After that comes the climax of your story (the point at which you hit your fastest pace during the run) to shock the readers and invoke an element of remembrance in your sharing. The last part of a successful narrative is the conclusion (the cooldown of a run) where you tie pieces of your story together with something meaningful today or something that could help impact you or someone else in the near future.

I’m going to try to provide quotes from Julie Beck to agree with and expand upon as well as quotes from Galen Strawson to argue against to elaborate why it’s important to tell narratives to express who you are, similar to that of a long run where it’s important to make every step count in order to benefit the most out of that experience. My modes of composition I plan to use are visual, gestural, and audio. My visual mode will be the imagery I use from my runs to depict which aspect of the run I’m discussing. My gestural mode will talk about how the expressions you show in your narrative works can invoke emotion into your audience or how the expressions you make when running could give any outsider watching an idea of how you’re feeling. My audio mode is probably going to be something like a sound effect in all capitals to show when the story begins, when it picks up to the climax, and when it ends. If I use spatial, then I’ll probably set up my paper in some type of bulleted format, but that’s only if the other 3 modes don’t work. To sum up, this is how I plan to write my multimodal paper.

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