Peer Review 3

Peer Review 3

This is a great first draft. I love how the paper does a really nice job at flowing from one topic to the next and your claims are all in correlation with your introduction. The only thing I would change is trying to cut back the introduction a bit and then expanding on analysis. Also, introducing the authors by the journal they’re writing in is important for readers who haven’t read their papers yet. The paper made a lot of sense and every point that was made was directly related to your thesis. Just expanding pieces of the paper like the interview you did might make it a little better. The self to text parts of this essay were very strong as well and made sense for the paper. Overall, this is a great first draft and makes a ton of sense to your life story and how it’s benefitted you today.

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  1. You use great specifics in your 150-word comment. Let me know if you upload your peer review comments so that I can give you credit! 🙂

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