Blog #11

Blog #11

I used the introduction paragraph from my last essay on Metaphors to elaborate on the most common tools I’ve used in my writing. For the most part, the biggest pattern I saw in this was the usage of the words “we” and “and”. I used “we” to try and connect the audience to the paper. The word “and” was used to transition the audience, or the “we” from one topic to the next. I didn’t really use many other transition words except for “however” a couple times and “although”. I only used “this is” and “such as” a couple times each so pointing terms could have been used more frequently. Key terms such as “health” and “hospital” I used a couple times each as well to ensure the reader knew I was connecting that to metaphors. The word “metaphor” itself I used a handful of times, specifically after saying “we use” or “we say” to show the audience how they’ve been speaking the metaphorical language. For the most part, I definitely seem to rely on repetition to continue touching upon my general argument, while using transitions throughout, mostly “and”. I don’t use pointing terms and key terms as often until I start digging deeper into my arguments found in the body paragraphs. I feel like if I split up my transitional terms more effectively rather than simply repeating the word “and” a lot, then it may become easier for the reader to picture the general arguments I’m making in different terminology rather than reading the same word over again and getting bored with the essay.

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