Blog #10

Blog #10

My personal favorite brainstorming strategy was following the thread because I like to annotate key points in each of the essays and this allows me to jump from different arguments in my own essay by keying in on the main points each author makes. It also gives an opportunity to compare the ideas these authors had to one another which can allow me to blend the texts.




I feel as though we should work to create a bridge between the single-handed subjects of art and science so we can work to solve the unsolved mysteries of science through a visual use of art rather than trying to teach art by itself.



Art and science on separate do have their own importance on separate levels but there’s a caution to why art shouldn’t be taught in its own category.

Science individually has a powerful significance to how we view the world, but at times, it can be difficult to interpret and needs a way to be simplified.

Art can be used to give science a visual picture which in turn can translate the subject in a more simplified way thats equally as understandable.

We should continue to stick with the STEM programs but incorporate pieces of art into the teachings of science rather than the STEAM program where art is its own separate category.

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